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At our website you will find everything you need to decorate your home with vintage hawaiian collectibles.  We have a large selection of great vintage hawaiian poster and vintage
hawaiian prints. Vintage Hawaiian Poster Who can forget those
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                             Vintage Hawaiian Postcard
For all of you who live in Hawaii, have lived in Hawaii in the past, or are thinking about moving to Hawaii here are some thoughts to ponder:
You know you are kama'aina........
* When Hawaiian and Japanese words begin to dot your conversations.  "Did you enoy your musubi? Has anyone taken the dog shi shi?"
*When you automatically remove your shoes before you enter a home -- even while you're visiting relatives in Chicago, IL and it's 10 below.
*When you put Spam and shoyu on your grocery list under, "staples."
*When you slide into pidgin during everyday conversations.
*The day you give all your winter clothes to the Salvation Army.
*When you never take your bathing suit off entirely.
*When you automatically walk out of the ocean facing it.
*When you know the difference between shave ice and guri guri.
*When you know what an okole is.
*When you find yourself smilit unexpectedly, for no good reason except that it's great to be alive and living in paradise.
MAHALO! And happy shopping.     
Vintage Hawaiian Travel Poster